Cherry Twins

the place where fantasies are realized

Cherry Twins is the first and only hotel* for role-playing games in Ukraine.
Our rooms are decorated in the style of various erotic fantasies. Each room is equipped with special thematic furniture and special devices for love games.
Cherry Twins are sexy decorations. We do not provide any other services, except for renting hotel* rooms. Getting and rendering of paid sexual services in our hotel* forbidden.
  • The Queen's Boudoir
  • Torture room


  • Our guests may remain incognito.
  • At the request of the guest, we offer half-masks and veils that will hide your faces from the video cameras in the hotel* lobby.
  • We have the option of parking a car in a closed area.
  • A visit to Cherry Twins is a small secret, for the safety of which we respond with our reputation.


  • Cherry Twins is located in a separately building with a closed territory.
  • At the service of guests all the achievements of technological progress in the love industry.
  • Professional and tactful staff.


  • Our hotel* has professional security.
  • After each guest, the furniture, devices and toys in the rooms are sterile treated with special disinfectants.
  • Each room is quartzed after the guest leaves

  • Аrabesque Harem
  • Gothic
  • Tet-a-Tet
  • Domination
  • Interrogation

Hotel* for role-playing games Cherry Twins is the place of relationship therapy.

Often we are embarrassed to talk to a partner our fantasies and desires. It is no longer necessary to select words; it is enough to choose a number with the appropriate setting.

Hotel* for role-playing games is an erotic decoration for every taste.

The format of Cherry Twins hotel* does not imply any additional services, except for renting rooms.

Our guests must be over 18 years old, and comply with our visiting rules.