Cherry Twins is a sex education and entertainment space for couples.

We regularly organize:
  • Sexy parties

  • Theme parties
  • Sex training

  • Master classes in flagellation, various massages, domination, Shibari, etc.

All activities are educational in nature and do not involve sexual services or the provision of partners.


Елена Соловьева

New Party Posh in Cherry Twins July 20 at 22.00 Salyutnaya 32 MEINE Our parties are always distinguished by their sophistication and unique style. These are soulful events with a taste of freedom. This is chic in the format # you can. ◾MEINE – party for couples only! ◾ This night you will be immersed in the topic of domination. Frank performances and communication with the taste of expression. Luxurious Upper and obedient lower, rituals of submission, rapture with the sweetness of power and trust in pairs. All hotel rooms are at guests’ disposal until dawn. A lot of comfort …


Елена Соловьева

June 8 in Kiev will be the most candid Ball in the city. 19.00 Hotel role-playing games Cherry Twins. Salyutnaya, 32. 🎲The program of the evening includes erotic games, a royal buffet table and mountains of delicate cakes, performances from sexual maids of honor and the Queen, a DJ and vocal in the style of the 18th century, the Theater of Sincere Desires. ️ ️Ball is a deep immersion in the entertainment of the Playful Aristocrats. All rooms at are open to guests until dawn. 💋We create a space for the realization of your most explicit desires. We bring …