Cherry Twins is the first and only hotel in Ukraine for role-playing games. Opened in March in 2018 in Kiev and it has created a sensation in the media space and caused a whole palette of emotions in society - from delight to condemnation.

Themed hotels or hotels for dating normal and standard practice in Europe and Asia, there are tens of thousands. Visiting such numbers recommended by psychologists to harmonize the intimate life of the couple and the ability to preserve the passion and brightness of emotions for many years.

The format of hotels for dating is still new For Ukraine, but it is a very promising niche for the development of a legal and successful business.

Cherry Twins created for the realization of couples fantasies. 7 rooms of the hotel are the scenery to the most popular erotic fantasies. We provide our guests with maximum comfort, security, privacy and a high level of service.

Our rooms are an opportunity to receive bright emotions and new sensations. Our guests appreciated the atmosphere of the hotel rooms and in the first year of working, several thousand pairs visited us. Over 30% of guests come back to us again.

There are also regular workshops, seminars and trainings on site.

Guests of the hotel can be persons over 18 years old. Cherry Twins does not provide any illegal services; it works exclusively in the framework of legality and the Criminal Code of Ukraine.

If you want to become a partner of Cherry Twins and open the same hotel in your city - we will be glad to cooperate!