• Guests of lovespace Cherry Twins can be a person who reached the age of 18.
  • Confirmation of room reservation is 100% advance payment.
  • In the absence of advance payment, the administration has the right to refuse settlement.
  • If the guests are late in the time they paid - the payment for the lost time not returned and the stay in the room does not increase.
  • Minimum stay in the hotel - 3:00 hours.
  • The standard price includes accommodation in a room for 3 guests. The fourth guest + 1000 UAH to the tariff. Maximum number of guests in a room is 4.
  • The guest has the right to stay in the room no more than 15 minutes after the end of the paid time. After the end of the sixteenth minute, guest will have to pay an additional hour of using the room (payment for 1 hour).
  • In case the guest leaves the room before the end of the time paid during settlement, the money for the unused time not returned.
  • The cost of living calculated in accordance with the approved price list.
  • In case of damage the property of the hotel by guests, the administration calculates the funds from the advanced amount in accordance with the price list.
  • In lovespace Cherry Twins, forbidden to use numbers to provide / receive paid sexual services.
  • The hotel administration is not responsible for what is happening between the guests in the rooms.
  • The hotel prohibits smoking in rooms, the use of narcotic drugs; it prohibited to enter the territory of the hotel with weapons and animals.
  • If the guests cannot confirm their age or are in a state of alcoholic or narcotic intoxication - the administration has the right to refuse using the services of the hotel.
  • The hotel administration is not responsible for things that have been forgotten by guests in the hotel rooms.
  • The hotel administration has the right to refuse the settlement without explanation.

From the moment of the reference and reservation of the number in the Hotel, the Guest agrees to the processing of his personal data (in accordance with the Law of Ukraine "On Protection of Personal Data"). In cases of violation of these Rules, the Hotel Administration has the right to dispose of personal data of the offender.