Cherry Twins is a unique area of ​​pleasure for adults,
a visit to which will be a vivid adventure for every couple.

Scenarios for role-playing games

Communication is uncensored

Telegram channel about games and practices telegram channel WITHOUT CENSOR

A chat in which you can meet interesting people, freely communicate on topics of fantasies, desires, role-playing games, ask us questions and just have a good time

The channel where we talk in detail about our parties

Our page in the Facebook where you can read about all our educational activities and trainings (from psychological seminars to practical master classes in flogging or Shibari)
Also, for any practice, you can order a personal master class only for your couple


Our beautiful Instagram, where you will find video reviews of hotel rooms, naughty stories and not only

EXCURSIONS to rooms of the hotel are FREE and affordable 24/7

without prior arrangements and do not oblige you to anything.

You can just come and see

Cherry Twins. Each couple needs to visit